Self-Defense Programs in Harahan, LA

At Mushin Training Center, our effective self-defense programs incorporate more than just fighting techniques. Our classes train the mind and the body to help you achieve your personal goals, as you learn how to intuitively protect yourself. We offer several classes, so there's an option for everyone, regardless of your size or skill level.

Striking, Agility, Movements, and Self-Defense (SAMS)

One of our most popular programs, the SAMS class gives men and women the fundamental skills they need for self-defense. You'll learn real-world tactics from experienced coaches, including law enforcement officers who utilize some of these same techniques in the field. You will develop a better sense of awareness regarding your surroundings, so it's easier to recognize potential dangers and react accordingly. This course takes place in a supportive, non-aggressive environment, and it provides an excellent low-stress workout for the entire body.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We offer Brazilitan Jiu Jitsu classes, including no gi options, for individuals of all sizes and finess levels. Our classes are personalized, so each session is tailored to suit the needs of its members. Our instructors include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, which means they have at least 11 years of training, in addition to years of coaching experience. This favorite form of combat athletics is also an excellent self-defense program for people who want to move beyond the basics. You'll learn to focus your attention, so you can defend yourself against anyone, even a larger attacker. Every lesson incorporates real-life fitness exercises that benefit your overall health and well-being.

Japanese Jiu Jitsu

This form of Jiu Jitsu originated in 16th-century Japan as a defense against the Samurai. Today, it is one of the most effective forms of self-protection. As a Japanese Jiu Jitsu student, you'll learn close-quarter grappling and throwing techniques, some incorporating short, handheld weapons, to immobilize attackers. Our instructors use the same techniques in real-world situations as first responders. These classes are non-competitive with a friendly, community-focused atmosphere.

Women's Self-Defense Classes

Mushin is a training center for the whole family. You can benefit from our training, no matter your starting fitness level or experience with combat athletics. We have several programs designed specifically for women, including self-defense and striking classes. Our world-class facility features a safe and secure environment, and it includes full locker rooms with showers for added convenience.

At Mushin Training Center, we believe all New Orleans residents should know how to protect themselves when the situation demands it. We offer no-contract memberships, as well as pay-per-day options, and our self-defense programs require little-to-no equipment. Schedule a no-obligation tour to learn more about the Mushin community.