Kids' Martial Arts Programs in Harahan, LA

Do you want to help your child get physically active, gain self-esteem, and learn from positive mentors? With Mushin Training Center's kids' martial arts programs, your son or daughter will experience safe, effective, fun training from experienced instructors who have a stake in the community and backgrounds in law enforcement. Not only will they make friends and get plenty of exercise, but they'll also build the skills of perseverance and hard work to last a lifetime.

Combat Sports for Kids

We offer a range of training modalities for kids of all ages. Some of our most popular classes include the following:

Kids' Boxing and Kickboxing

These fun, competitive classes explore fundamental boxing techniques without sparring or physical contact. Your child will develop agility, coordination, and strength training as they learn key elements required for the proper footwork, blocking, and striking techniques. All coaches are certified by USA Boxing. If your child is interested in competing, we offer additional one-on-one training and can pair them with an appropriate sparring partner to safely advance their skills.

Kids' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

These classes combine exhilarating kinetic conditioning with practical self-defense skills. The curriculum is designed to emphasize confidence, respect for the sport, and strategic thinking. Unlike scripted exercises in other martial arts, our youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program requires on-the-spot decision making, which improves your child's skills on the mat and beyond. Our fully accredited program teaches key movements like pins, falls, and grappling in a safe, controlled environment.

Kid's boxing & KickboxingKid's Judo

Kids' Judo

Our Judo program focuses on building strength, balance, and agility through self-defense skills, with a focus on sportsmanship and personal responsibility. The word Judo translates as "The Gentle Way," which is reflected in the grappling-focused nature of the sport. With no punches or kicks, it offers children a productive and safe way to harness excess energy. As an individual sport, your child will value the hard work required to move up and earn new belts.

Fun Environment

Our welcoming gym environment is designed to support holistic wellness as well as physical fitness. Amenities include a 9,000-square-foot training space with two fully-equipped locker rooms. Your whole family will love spending the evening here together. The gym offers convenient, ample free parking and reasonable class sizes that emphasize personalized attention.

Reinforcing Great Values

In addition to learning proper stances, moves, and techniques to develop fitness and self-defense abilities, our classes focus on hard work and discipline. You'll be able to see the increase in your child's self-esteem as he or she reaches goals they may have never before considered. We cover practical self-defense as well as anti-bullying tactics such as verbal resolution and nonviolent solutions that emphasize safety, respect, and mindfulness.

It's time for your kids to get excited about getting fit at Mushin Training Center! Whether you already engage in physical activity at home or you want your whole family to improve fitness together, you'll find a discipline for everyone to enjoy, from self-defense to cross training to mindful meditation. Check out our schedule of classes to enroll today or contact our team to schedule a free tour.