Kid's Boxing & Kickboxing

Our kids’ boxing program is designed to be both fun and competitive.  Children will be guided through all the fundamental boxing principals and techniques.  They will be shown proper striking technique, footwork, head movement, blocking, etc. They will be taken through fun and informative drills that will build cardiovascular conditioning, improve strength, and help perfect technique. Our coaches all have prior fight experience and are USA Boxing certified.  However, our kids’ classes do not incorporate sparring.  They are designed to teach the “sweet science” without actively receiving punches.  If a child is interested in competing or sparring, we offer additional training times outside of class where our coaches can work with them one on one, get them appropriate sparring partners, and prepare them for competition.

Kid's boxing & KickboxingKid's Judo

Kid's Judo

Judo is a grappling based martial art and Olympic sport.  It was founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano.  Judo translates as “The Gentle Way”.  It is aptly named as strikes like punches and kicks are not practiced in Judo.  Instead, practitioners, called Judoka, rely on throws, pins, joint locks, and chokes to subdue opponents.

Olympic Judo focuses mainly on the throwing aspect of the martial art.  Judoka win matches by perfectly throwing their opponent or by achieving multiple throws not applied perfectly.  Judoka can also achieve victory by getting an opponent to tap to a submission; however, ground time is very short in Judo matches, typically making this a secondary method of achieving victory.

Mushin’s kids’ Judo classes are a fun way to build confidence and athleticism.  Children learn the fundamentals of balance and leverage while improving functional strength and explosive movement that translates into all athletic endeavors.  The competitive aspect of Judo teaches sportsmanship.  And, since it is an individual competition, not team based, children learn personal responsibility and the value of hard work.  There is no better way to teach a child discipline, athleticism, and practical self-defense than Judo.