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Hey, everyone! Mushin Training Center is back with a brand new gear review! If you have never trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before, picking out a gi can be a challenging task. It’s hard to even say what makes a good gi or a bad gi. Well, let us tell you from first hand experience, all gis are not created equally. This week we take a look at the Vulkan Pro Light Gi.

This gi retails for about $170. This tends to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. When a gi starts venturing into this side of the price range, you should expect some quality. Does the Vulkan Pro Light Gi deliver? Sadly, no.

There are some things Vulkan did very well with this gi. For instance, it is preshrunk. Wash it and dry it all you want, but it’s not going to get any smaller. The bad part is is that it is oversized and loose fitting. Without the ability to shrink it anymore, you are stuck with a baggy gi that isn’t fit for competition.

Another big drawback to the gi is that it tears very easily. Light weight gis in general are more prone to tearing than their heavier counterparts, but this one is ridiculously so. The one that we used had two pair of pants each split within two months of use. Whatever design goes into making them “ripstop” clearly isn’t working.

We wish we could recommend this gi, but we cannot. The sheer number of design flaws is more than enough for us to recommend you stay far far away from this gi. Thanks for watching, and we’ll catch you next week when switch gears back to technique!

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