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Mushin Training Center here with another gear review! What do we have for you, today? Well, this time, we will be looking at the RDX Gel Neoprene Shin Instep Guard.

We have found this to be a pretty unique shin guard. It resembles the white, thin Tae Kwon Do style shin guards that typically don’t provide much protection. This style is often used when doubling up on shin guards for added protection, but are rarely used by themselves for sparring, due to the lack of protection. However, the RDX Gel Neoprene Shin Instep Guard surpassed all of our expectations!

One of the inherent advantages to this type of shin guard is the fact that it won’t move around on the leg very easily. This makes it ideal for MMA training, when practitioners may be incorporating ground attacks with their striking.

The down side, as we mentioned before, is the lack of protection. But, to our surprise, the RDX Gel Neoprene Shin Instep Guard provided much more protection than we had initially expected! We have had some of our strongest leg kickers spar with them, and those on the giving and receiving end of the kicks both felt that they provided almost as much protection as traditional Thai shin guards. For being as thin as they are, there is nothing else on the market that we have seen that can boast the same.

The best thing about these is the price tag. You can grab a pair for a mere $35. Not only is there no other shin guard of this style that can provide the same protection, but there isn’t anything even close in this price range that can do what these shin guards do. Now, if you are an experienced striker, these are not the best for hard sparring, but they work fantastically when doubling up. We can’t recommend them enough!

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