Fitness and Training Center in Harahan, LA

What is Mushin?

Mushin is a Japanese-Zen term that refers to a state of “no mind”. It is a state of being where one is free to act without worry or thought, allowing the body and spirit to take control and react intuitively. For martial artists, this state allows them to engage an opponent without the fear that leaves many paralyzed when faced with danger. It lets their bodies do what they have been trained to do without having to think about proper technique or form. The state of Mushin is not exclusive to martial artists, however. It can serve any looking to achieve peak performance in an endeavor. It is the culmination of mind, body, and spirit working together toward a single end.

About Us 

Mushin Training Center opened in February 2012. The brain child of Myron Gaudet and Al Courcelle, their goal was to open the most complete reality based martial arts training center in the greater New Orleans area. They began by assembling a team of the most qualified, knowledgeable instructors in every discipline from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to Wrestling, to Muay Thai Kickboxing, to Boxing, and more. With their dream team in place, they began searching for a facility to house what would end up being the largest, most state-of-the-art, mixed martial arts training facility in the city. Since then, Mushin has become New Orleans’s premier martial arts training center, servicing everyone from elite athletes, to soccer moms, to children, and everyone in between. Myron and Al are happy to serve the New Orleans, Metairie and Harahan area. Mushin prides itself on being a family friendly, fun approach to self-defense and fitness.

Mushin New Orleans Training Facility Amenities are the BEST in the City!
Our Facility

We are conveniently located at 6005 Jefferson Hwy Suite F Harahan, Louisiana 70123. The Mushin New Orleans training facility is the largest, and most complete MMA training facility in the area. It boasts over 9000 square feet of training area. With a full size octagonal cage and boxing ring; separate matted areas for Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and Judo; premium heavy bags, speed bags, and wall mounts for kickboxing and boxing; two fitness rooms equipped with free weights, kettle-bells, and more; an outside fitness area for sled and tire work; full showers and lockers, it has everything you could need to reach your fitness and martial arts goals!

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