Premier Training and Fitness Facility in Harahan, LA

Mushin Training Center is a state-of-the-art training and fitness facility in Harahan, LA. We offer a variety of fun and exciting classes that will challenge you to be your best. Whether you're interested in combat sports or cross training, our instructors will work with you to meet your individual goals and achieve real results.

What Do We Specialize in?

We believe that everyone is a good candidate to learn combat sports. Even if you have never taken a class before, you'll find a supportive and knowledgeable community with an emphasis on safety. We offer kickboxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, all led by highly experienced instructors.

If you live or work in the Greater New Orleans area or work late at night, you need to be able to defend yourself. Our self-defense classes replicate real-world situations, so you are prepared to protect yourself in the face of danger.

Our children's programs include boxing, kickboxing,  Judo, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. These classes are a safe way for your child to build physical strength while improving problem-solving skills and boosting confidence.

Our cross-training program combines cardio and combat sports for an exciting and unique workout each day. Plus, our certified fitness specialists can answer your individual questions and ensure an efficient workout every time.

Ready To #BeMushinFit?
” ...half an hour in this gym is better than 2 hours in a regular gym. They really give you a good work out. ”
What Do We Offer?
Programs for ALL Levels

Since we use individualized coaching methods, each of our classes accommodates students of all fitness levels. Whether you're focused on building endurance, advancing your technique, or simply learning a new skill, we believe that everyone in the Mushin community can learn from each other in our controlled environment.

Experienced & Professional Instructors

Our team of instructors brings decades of experience to their work. Many are first responders with real world experience using combat sports and self-defense tactics. In addition, we have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts among our teachers, which requires a minimum of 11 years of training. Most importantly, our coaches are passionate about your safety and development.

Programs for the Entire Family

At Mushin, we believe that balance, strength training, and mental acuity are skills that improve life at any age. That's why we've developed programs especially for kids using high-energy drills that balance fun with discipline. Bring the whole family for convenient evening and weekend class schedules, plus our ample parking takes the stress out of going to the gym.

A Communal Environment

We understand that combat sports or cross training may seem intimidating at first. We're here to make sure you feel welcomed, informed, and empowered at each of our classes. Unlike overpriced, big box gyms, our philosophy is built on safety and inclusion. Many of our trainers even have ownership in our gym, and guests love cheering on our athletes on fight nights!

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality combat sports and fitness training at a reasonable price on a flexible schedule so that anyone can experience the amazing lifelong benefits that our training provides.

You'll love the feeling of empowerment you'll have after just one class with our trainers. For more information about the programs offered by Mushin Training Center, call us today at (504) 731-8700 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free tour of our facility.

What our Customers are Saying...
I’ve liked Mushin since I came here, because I’m kind of a newbie to the gym and the MMA scene. But, they were very nice and got me involved pretty quick. Everyone is ready to help and get you on board with the program.

Taylor Nolan (29 years old)

I joined the gym about a month and a half ago. I must say, half an hour in this gym is better than 2 hours in a regular gym. They really give you a good work out. The trainers, here, are well informed; and when you go home, you’re going to feel it. I’ve went home and been dry. You’re gonna sweat a lot, over here; and you’re gonna lose some weight and get in shape!

Adle Haddad (32 years old)

In all my years, this is the best facility I’ve ever worked out at. It’s very practical training: a lot of tactical self-defense, Brazilian jiu-Jitsu, things that will help you if you ever get into trouble on the street. They will teach you how to handle it. It’s just a fantastic place, and I recommend you try it!

Marc Miller (58 years old)

We tried a lot of 24 hour gyms like Snap Fitness and Riviera Fitness, and it just really wasn’t working out. And, we came to Mushin, and with these great instructors, we just got inspired, immediately! I love how each day there is a different routine; it’s not just the same. I look forward to coming here and working out. It’s no stress at all. It’s just fun!

Mitch (25 years old) and Lindsey (24 years old) Daugherty

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